Nubar Nubar (Cover) – Handpan and Lyra DUO

Nubar Nubar
Armenian Folk Song on Jurjuna rhythm (10/8 time signature, counted as 3+2+2+3).

Cover for Handpan, Lyra, Percussions.

*(Use of headphones or speakers is recommended)*

Vasilis Vasiliou: Handpan, Percussions
Christina Polycarpou: Lyra

Handpan: Ayasa (E) B C E F G# A B C E (Utrecht, Netherland)
Handpan: Ayasa (D) (F) (G ) A Bb C D E F G A C (D) (E) (F) (Utrecht, Netherland)

Lyra: Made by Stelios Petrakis (
Bow: Made by Agathangelos Simantiris

Bass drum 22’ Pearl Master
Sabian AA Chinese 16″
Zildjian Constantinople 22”
Meinl Shaker
Logic pro x


Date:  February 28, 2018
Skills:  Handpan, Lyra Duo
Project URL:  Launch Project

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Nubar Nubar (Cover) – Handpan and Lyra DUO | Vasilis Vasiliou